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Improve the Assistive Technology usage

Inclutec is an international B2B marketing and public relation agency to help manufacturers and designers to have a 360° view of French Assistive Technology market.

Mainly focus on Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), digital access, home-automation, sensory and educational technology, we make connection, provide reports and insure communication through differents channels for differents market segments.

Founded by Raphaël Terrier and Rémi Pernot, Inclutec provides more than 15 years commercial and technical experience. With the underlying win/win, we are motivated to provide awarness and knowledge in the goal to grow together.

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Missions and Services

Increase Assistive Technology awarness and improve usage

Ville de nuit


  • Improve visibility

  • Find the right partner/channel

  • Access to new segment

Personnes en train de discuter

Share experiences

  • Build up french AT community

  • Convert "impossible" to "POSSIBLE"

  • Collect "usage report" to improve device/solution

Podium de conférence

Influence decision-makers

  • Health insurance, Ministry, Associations, School, ...

  • Improve awarness from the top

  • Bigger and sustainable impact

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French Market

An unexpected potential

Be in touch with users

Disabilities in France

A huge eco-system

données d'un graphique
3 personnes en famille
homme comptant des pièces

More than 300M french speaking people worlwide

15% people involved daily

With an increasing AT sensitivity

  • 67M people in France

  • 2M people in french islands

  • 9M french people in Canada

  • 4M french people in Belgium

  • 2M french people in Switzerland

  • 600K people in Luxembourg

  • And few millions in Africa

  • 2,7 M disable people in France

  • + de 10M care-givers

  • 32 Billions € spent by national insurance in 2021 to help eldery and disable people for their autonomy

  • 30000 Centers for disable people

  • 14500 Occupational Therapists

  • 25000 Speech Language Pathologists

  • 400K disable children in regular school

  • A dedicated and transversal ministry for disable people (C.I.H)

  • Differents funding systems related to situations - age - solutions

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They trust on Inclutec to grow into french speaking countries markets

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Smartbox leads the way in creating assistive technology that enables disabled people to have a voice and live more independently. Our software and devices for alternative communication support a wide range of conditions and literacy levels and are used by children and adults across the world. They can use our technology to communicate with symbols or text, control their environment, access social media, browse the internet and much more.

Smartbox Assistive Technology - UK

logo qinera

Qinera is focused on the design and manufacturing of assistive technology solutions, as well as sensory rooms, always user-centered and meeting the specific requirements of each case.

BJ live - Spain

logo lightkey

Focus on your ideas and forget about typos. Lightkey’s AI-Powered spelling correction technology offers real-time suggestions for grammar corrections and misspelled words. In addition to its built-in subject dictionaries, Lightkey will learn from it's user and offer spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary

Lightkey - Israel

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Inclutec is proud to be active as DATeurope member

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